Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Surviving after the rain

Sorry it took me so long to post something again here. My post's title meant two different things. 'Coz a lot of things happened lately. I got really sick because of work. Then a really mean typhoon came and killed lots of people here in the Philippines. Then I suffered another heartbreak. Two different typhoons came into my life. The real one, which drowned at least 300 people already. And then my last breakup. Damn, everything happened so fast.

Right now, I'm just trying to survive. Like I did the last time. I really wanna share every detail of what happened, but my heart is not yet ready to open up. I'm a stronger girl now. I know I'll be okay.

Right now, I'm happy I got friends who have my back. They love me and I feel lucky. Like yesterday, my friend Anne came home from Singapore. She introduced me to some of her friends and we ate out. We also had videoke crazy then coffee before we all went home.

Meet Dora Tililing

While Anne and I were drinking coffee, a guy approached us and asked help for their outreach program something. He offered us little stuffs we could buy and part of the sales will be donated to their charity..

So since Anne was really nice.. she bought this cute little cow for me. I thought it kinda looks like Dora from the movie "Kimmy Dora" which we both find amusing. So I named it "Dora" and since it has little bells on its neck, I made "Tililing" its surname. Sorry, was just tripping.

But I really had fun yesterday. I hope I'll feel better sooner. Right now I just wanna focus on my work and myself. I wanna save up money so I can go to Singapore with Anne. I wanna leave Philippines for awhile. My life's kinda messed up here.

Anyway, I'll write more next time. Mwah!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oh gosh... I'M BACK!

It's been like what? 8 months since my last post... damn. That was really long ago. And I so miss blogging. It's just that I want to tell everything that happened to me but I really dunno where to begin.

My last post was all about this guy I met a few months back. And we did spend some time together. We had fun times yeah.. but most of it were really sad and awful moments. Uhm.. I'd tell you all about it next time. I'll probably dedicate a post for that, but for now.. I just wanna say I'm back. And I'd post some pictures soon.

It's a different me now. Not better I guess, just different. My world evolved into something more.. how can I describe it.. CHALLENGING? Whatever. But I still managed to be happy in some way. I love me. And I'm fighting to be happy.

Anyway, I'll share some more soon. Missed you all. Mwah!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new boyfie is a stranger

Well I kinda lost my head last night, not literally though. Hehe! But I wasn't drunk. And it wasn't a random thing either. I thought about it before, and I decided to commit myself to someone I'm not in love with. He's a complete stranger. We've only met three times but the guy's totally crazy about me. I admit, I'm not really sure if what I'm doing is right. But I know I'm old enough to be responsible with my own actions. I want this. And I seriously want to learn to love him.

He's none of the guys I've mentioned before. I just met him last December 30. Yup, that same day I saw my first love again. Well there's no significant relation about the two, but I guess that day marked the end of him and the start of the other.

He's a really good guy. And I wanna know more about him. He respects me and that means a lot to me.

No one really knows about it yet, though I've discussed my plans to my bessie before. She said she understands me and she wants me to be happy. Although, she was surprised that I've never mentioned the guy to her ever. She doesn't even know his name. My bother only saw him once but he doesn't know were talking to each other. I'm sure he's gonna freak out once he finds out. Haha!

I'll just keep you guys posted.. Much love!

Monday, January 19, 2009

White Avenue & my Cheesecake bliss

Guys we made it! Our fashion event was a success! :) I'm so happy with the outcome. Everyone had a blast. If you could only see their faces.. the crowd went wild! Haha..

Anyway, I only have a few pictures on my camera 'cause I let my fotog friend Sidney cover the event. I'll try to upload them in my multiply soon.

Me with Thou Reyes and my friend Alex Pigao.

With Jem and Farah :)

Cheesecake Heaven
We had some desert in Cheesecake! It was super delish.. "Wala munang diet diet!" Haha..

Black Forest Cheesecake

Berry Temptation
They looked so cute, we don't want to touch 'em!

Coffee n' Cream (Cafe de Luna)

Attack!! LOL

Thank you to everyone who joined our event. And congratulations also to all of us who worked really hard for this. Much love guys!

P.S. Please grab a copy of the January ish of MEGA magazine. My friend Alex' clothes were included in the Top 10 outstanding collections of the 11th Annual Philippine Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2009. Congrats dear! And thank you so much for lending me your clothes on such a short notice. I so love you.. mwahh!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


This has been a very busy day for me. I've been making last minute calls to my designer friends and models who could participate in our upcoming fashion event this Saturday. Luckily I was able to convince Alex Pigao to support our fund-raising activity. I'm really going crazy now, 'coz I'm so excited about what will happen and who's gonna come to our show.Anyway, I know this is a bit too late but I'll still invite y'all to join us.

Featuring the designs of Alex Pigao, Tina Daniac, Bang Pineda and Tammy Tan. With performances by GFORCE, ALL STARS, KRUMPINOY AND UNSCHOOLED. Hosted by Mr. Thou Reyes.

Thanks so much guys! See you there.. :p

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a happy post

I finally met Jayceed Deyro. He's actually the cousin of the guy I was talking about - my beautiful ghost. Cyd was really nice. I once mentioned to him that I liked the milky seafood noodles his cousin gave me but I can't find it anywhere here in the Philippines. So he promised to give me some of his Aunt's padala. He din't just give me one, not two.. but seven milky noodles!!

Thank you munggo! :p

And oh, I tripped in front of him. Haha! My latest witness. LOL And to make things worse, I fell flat on the ground after he left! For .3 seconds, I thought I was dreaming. I was so ashamed! I even sat on my wounded toe!! Huhu.. all because I'm a big 'ol klutz!

Full Moon

By the way, have you seen the moon last night? They said the moon could only be seen like that twice a year. It was beautiful!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

This year, I swore not to be so magastos anymore. But I really dunno why can't I resist to shop.

Damn.. Everytime I see a nice pair of stilletos or a cute TOPSHOP blouse, my heart just melts. It's like a freakin' kryptonite. That's why I'm always broke. :( Wala akong naiipon!

And I even promised to open a bank account so I could seriously save up money this time.

Wahh~ but my mind can't get off from that wicked animal printed skirt I saw awhile ago. Gusto ko talaga siya!

Sorry ah! Crush ko lang talaga yung skirt na yun. I just have to share it with you guys.

New Year, New Crush!

Anyway, speaking of crushes.. I think I'm developing a crush on that Carlo. I mean.. lately I've been thinking about him a lot. And when we talked this afternoon, I was always smiling and laughing. Haha! Crazy.. but I kinda missed this feeling.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beware of Manholes

I just feel so dumb right now. I really dunno what to do. A lot of things are going on in my head and I'm getting confused. I just wanna curl up on my bed and cry for a moment. I want everything to stop for a while and let my mind clear up first.

I missed my class today 'coz I went to school around 1:45 pm but I forgot that it was supposed to be 10:30 am! Aside from that, I cancelled my date with that guy I was talking about 'coz I just can't tolerate the pressure anymore. I mean.. I don't think I'm at my best right now. Like I feel ugly or something. Ugh.. I just wanna scream!

Plus, my toe's terrible. It got worse after yesterday's walk. You can see how it looks like
here. I can't actually bare it here 'coz it's extremely gruesome.

Anyway, I already posted my new photos from last thursday's photoshoot. It's up in my multiply account. :) Tell me what you think guys.

Some say I look like a doll.. aww! :p

I guess this depression came from my "foot accident". So lesson learned, BE CAREFUL WITH MANHOLES! Haha.. it sounds silly though.